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Rising Eagle Syndicate

USB Charging/Battery Powered LED Dog Collar

USB Charging/Battery Powered LED Dog Collar

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Available in blue, pink, red, yellow, green

Batteries/USB cable not included

Available in all colors for:

XS: 28 to 38 cm (11-15 inches), perfect for small miniatures, small terriers, Chihuahuas, small pugs, etc.

S: 35 to 41 cm (14-16 inches), perfect for small terriers, medium pugs, small beagles, miniature and small standard poodles, etc.

M: 37 to 46 cm (14.5-18 inches), perfect for small/medium pitbull terriers, medium beagles, small basset hounds, border collies, small boxers, small/medium dachshunds, small dalmatians, medium/large standard poodles, small greyhounds, medium terriers, small pitbulls, large pugs, etc.

L: 41 to 52 cm (16-20.5 inches), perfect for large pitbull terriers, medium basset hounds, large beagles, medium boxers, large terriers, small/medium bulldogs, small dalmations, small German shepherds, small Labrador retrievers, medium greyhounds, small/medium golden retrievers, medium pitbulls, large poodles, large dachshunds, etc.

XL: 42-56 cm (16-22 inches), perfect for large basset hounds, large boxers, large bulldogs, medium/large dalmatians, Doberman pinschers, medium/large German shepherds, large golden retrievers, large greyhounds, large pitbulls, medium/large Labrador retrievers, etc.

Perfect for safety during night time

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